Monday, 11 May 2009

Ski Types

Different ski types:

**Ski Racing: These are for professionals who usually compete. They are designed to adapt to high speeds and absorb shocks and vibrations. Could be of two types: Giant Slalom (for long and fast turns) and Slalom (for fast turns, faster and more advanced than the first).
**Regular and off-slope ski: These are for intermediate and advanced skiers, who enjoy skiing on and off the slopes. In general, these skis are wider and slower, with an antivibration system on both ends which allows you to stick the skis to any kind of snow.
**Free ride skis: They are made to be used on any kind of snow, for this they are very popular. They are also good for deep snow, since they also have the antivibration system on the ends. There are some wider special for powder snow.
**Free style skis: These skis have been very popular lately; their main objective is to make pirouettes and jumps. They are shorter, so easier to control. They look very similar to a snowboard.
**Ski Boards: people refer to them as the roller skates for the snow. They are quite short, 60 to 100 cms. and used for jumps. Nevertheless, they don’t respond well in long slide runs, they become quite unstable.
**Women skis: There is no difference between men or women, referring the “type”. The only and quite important difference is the weight, since at same height women’s weight is less than men’s, for which they have to use different skis. The rest will be determined by their each skills.
**Children: There are skis for kids since they are 3 years old, as they are starting these skis are quite shorter, but there also are freestyle or free ride skis for those who already ski more at that age.
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